My Insane Search for Sanity

Found: Motivation

on January 23, 2012



This morning I returned to the gym. The gym that I joined 6 months ago and have been a total of ONE time…that time was today. I have enjoyed watching my jeans get looser over the last six months but unfortunately, that weight loss came from stress. Wedding stress, job stress, etc…. Not the best way to lose weight, right? Now that the wedding is over and I am a bona fide housewife/stay-at-home mom (at least for now,) I figure it is just a matter of time before my jeans get snug again. So I decided to actually try to get my money’s worth out of the two-year gym membership that I pre-paid for six  months ago. I put on my workout clothes, got the kids off to school, and off to the gym I went. It was a little odd walking in this morning. I was trying to act like it was not my first time there considering I signed up so long ago, so I marched right in and found my way to the locker room. Grenade, the personal trainer I had for over a year, is now the manager at my new gym so I was hoping I would run into him. I was looking forward to proving to him that I  meant it when I told him I was serious about working out again (I told him this when I saw him in the concession stand line at the movies a few days ago…I had a buttered popcorn and Cherry Coke in my hands at the time.) Unfortunately, Grenade was nowhere to be seen so I just made my way to the first elliptical machine I found in front of the row of tv’s and away I went. Yes…working out was just as I had remembered it. Hard and a little boring doing it by myself. I set a small goal, just twenty minutes at a steady pace. About seven minutes into it I began making the all-familiar deals with myself. “Just three more minutes and you will be half-way there and that makes you a rock star.” etc, etc, etc… I decided to get through the next ten minutes thinking motivational thoughts. My friend recently told me how he had completed a program called “Couch to 5k.” I was a little jealous considering I had just completed the “Couch to Microwave” program. I was proud of myself for working up a sweat at the gym just days later. Eight minutes to go and I could leave this gym with pride and actually feel like I am on the right track again with my body. I actually considered staying and doing the Zumba class which was about to start, but then the thought “let’s not get crazy now” popped in my head.

Today I completed a small task of twenty minutes of doing cardio at the gym. While some might think this meaningless, it was kind of a big deal for me. See, I have started this new chapter in my life. Today I begin my second week at home not working. I am settling into this role quite nicely and while the hunt for the next perfect job continues, I am enjoying setting and meeting small goals. Work out for at least twenty minutes each day, blog more, cook dinner every night, have family time each day….check, check, check, and check. Let’s face it, I will never be that girl who is a fitness-guru. I mean, my favorite machine at the gym is STILL the water fountain. It did feel great to take a baby step and actually do something good for myself today. That is what my “Insane Search for Sanity” is all about right? Finding time everyday to do something just for me? I think this is going to be especially difficult now that I am not working. I am filling my days doing things for the family and I am loving it, but I can see already that starting my workout routine up again will benefit not just me but everyone around me. I already feel motivated to tackle some projects around the house that have been waiting for me. I encourage you to find some motivation as well. I have been without it for a lot longer than I thought and that definitely wasn’t benefitting anyone. I am not sure how long this motivation to workout will last so I am going to take advantage of it while I have it. Tomorrow morning there is a class at the gym called “Body Vibe” that I am going to try. I have no idea what it is or what to expect, but I figure “what the heck? Sounds groovy.”  I recently read something on Pinterest.com that really struck me. It was a poster that said something like “No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.” So welcome, motivation….long time no see. Stay awhile!

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